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Clever copy and simple graphics were hallmarks of mid-century advertising-- qualities perfectly embodied by Volkswagen’s iconic "Think Small" campaign. Doyle Dane Bernbach designed the ad shown here in 1962, which still stands as one of the gre

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Clever copy and simple graphics were hallmarks of...
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Fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin.

I like the set-up with the kitchen triangle and the colors... more windows please Wood, Island, Farmhouse, Crown molding, Breakfast Bar, Traditional, Soapstone, European, Flat Panel, Inset, Glass Panel, U-Shaped, Pendant

This is an awesome logo. There is no need for color due to the clear cut statement the font has made.

Coral Decor | navy blue velvet sofa. Great colour combo! Have to be really careful with the coral. Want to make it more on the orange side than the pink side.

Art Print.... wouldn't this also be really cute for a leggings print?!?

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Bathroom idea (guess this is really for a Lake House) but I LOVE the idea. I would have put the mounting braces further apart to give more towel bar room but other than that, I really love this idea!

Someone must still be paying for the installer's psych bills but this is a masterful installation, no?

sakura soda #packaging

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pallet frame, chair night stand, sheep skin. instead of pallets, lightly stained ikea slatted bed bases, for a lower slightly more polished look. or not.

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