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"Puckered Diamond" Bed Linens at Horchow.

Marilyn Monroe. I love how she's not super smiley. We forget that she struggled a lot with depression, and here we see a bit of the real Monroe.

This is him actually making me faint. | Meet Hideo Muraoka, Your New Favorite Male Model

Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50 ~ you have to use the little "previous" and "next" buttons just above & to the right of the photo after you click on this pic to be able to see all of them. (FYI in case you are not very techy).

Louisville's Mega Cavern Mountain Bike Park - Don't worry about the weather. Ride the first underground mountain bike trail in the world! #kentucky #mountainbiking #louisville

Catch More Bass Under Bridges With These Tips from Pro Angler Aaron Martens

Did NOT see that one coming.

from the upcoming film 360 - I have no idea what the word on the film is, but it's poster for Europe is pretty damn sweet!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier--Furys soo done with that mmuhphuckah watch this movie free here:

traditional tattoo flash - Google Search

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie - Sweet, tangy and wonderfully refreshing with just 4 ingredients, made completely from scratch. No frozen concentrate here!

Because Selena Gomez has always been totally awesome. | 19 Signs You Are A Selenator

I haven't had shoes with shoe strings for quite awhile...but maybe I need to find a good pair and have some fun lacing up...for once!

Such great article on setting up cutting exercises. Includes info about advanced cutting.

Otis the Labradoodle Pictures. He's so cute he doesn't look real! And ohmygosh, my dog has the same toy!

Gourmet food trucks, i'm told, occasionally sell food you'd actually want to eat. Personal experience tells me that this is only true if they sell waffles and if you are drunk.

Deco anniversaire princesse | Mon Bébé Chéri - Blog bébé




Build and upholster a fainting couch / toddler bed. Detailed step-by-step instructions! {Sawdust and Embryos}

7 'Game Of Thrones' Theories So Crazy They Have To Be True


Everything about the look of this movie. Book okay, but the movie was beautiful in an unexpected way.

I walked away because I did not feel that she wanted me in her life. She did not even fight to keep me.

Oppitori: Sanaluokkaharjoituksia

See how to turn a piece of cardboard, some strands of rope, and a few pom poms into a beautiful bohemian rug!

1965 Topps Lew Burdette

Blogger ivanarevic at it again in our RVCA boot oversized tee.

Irusu. Any country that invents a word for this action must be an introvert's paradise. [BuzzFeed: 16 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life]