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The Five Senses - Sense of Smell Activity These were a hit with my class! The kids loved to smell the different swatches as it gave them hands-on tactile objects to explore and manipulate.

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The Five Senses - Sense of Smell Activity These we...
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Yellow roses :)...I carried three long stem yellow roses in my wedding with baby's breath mixed in. The bridesmaids carried one long stem yellow rose. So...I'm partial to yellow roses.

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Holding Malachite in one hand before you go to sleep and keep holding it when you go to bed. Your sleep pattern will improve the first night and should return to normal after two weeks. Carrying Hematite and Amethyst can also help.

Is reminds me of my brother in law. On so many datin sites, hittin on people. If he was a sea critter he would be an octopuss. I sure weesh my seester would kape heme happy cause its embarassin for our family. And she looks like a fool. She blames th

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Humans belong to the earth and we are its voice and its caretakers. May we show common sense as we go about our daily tasks, respecting both ourselves and our life support system. There is only one Earth.

Contemplate perspective.-We perceive things as important because of the size of them. It sounds quite simple, but once you fly, you understand it. As a human being, you look at ants & think they're a very small insect, & without any real reve

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