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Super cute for father's day - @Betsy Rubendall, could we do this for papa? Do either of us have enough kid feet to do it with just our kids for their dads?

Posted 5 days ago

Super cute for father's day - @Betsy Rubendall, co...

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Only your soul.

Fritware tile panel, painted in blue, turquoise, and moss green under a transparent glaze. circa 1540.

125+ Family and Sibling Photos to Get Posing Ideas and Inspiration

There she was, unaware that he was watching her read her favorite novel. She sat by the ocean, the waves crashing upon the shore, making it a wondrous sound to listen to while she read about a dragon and a prince.


parisian tatooine / elena vidor

"fall casual" by jesnik ❤ liked on Polyvore

Emo Love

This is King William Street station which was the first station to be closed. it was abandoned in 1899

This Tibetan woman living in a farmer village high in the Himalaya made friends with the local Marmots offering them food.

Jack Nicholson. Photo by David Bailey.

The promotional postcard pack was lasercut allowing a different card selection to be tailored to each prospective client.

Boat wreck on the Mont Choisy, Mauritius beach by Reidl Rómeó, via Flickr

Sometimes the gray can make you see clearer.

Treasure Layne photography- someone who does senior pictures for 150$ its Witney!!!!! She's in my ward and she's the best girl ever!

In this instance, my client brought in some images that she loved and really wanted to use as inspiration for her shoot. This image of Kim ...

Men with locs rock! pullmydreads: lockedhairlove: gettingkinky: coiledcreole: peacelovenappiness: lulufame: dropsofmystory: afrocentricmiss: (via beholdalady, mssjones) I will forever reblog this photo! happy Father

Esc! by gravis86 #Stormtrooper #Keyboard