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concrete planter DIY #concrete #garden #planter #diy

Use gutters - sink them into the ground for edgings and fill with your choice of material...

Alternative Gardning: How to Grow flower Bulbs in water

DIY summer Garland! So cute and easy! Cant wait to make this during the summer! | local-social

I like this three bin system, that way each one can be at a different stage (one with fresh cuttings/organic material, one ready to be used and one somewhere in between)--my dad described a system his grandpa had that was like this

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Sherman Gardens "Coral Reef" Succulent Bed


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I had no idea that you could grow loofahs in your garden -- sounds like a great homeschooling project to combine with making homemade soaps!!

Today's eyecandy - feed your eyes

Swim by day, hot tub & roast s'mores at night. yes please!

decoracion balcones 1 ¡Saca partido a tu balcón!

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OK - now we're talking, PVC pipe structure with potted plants (squash or cucumbers) growing on it. You can walk under to pick. Nothing on the ground to get buggy or fungus, and you control your soil. Brilliant!

DIY Bar -- Add wheels that lock to the back. Lightweight frame, moveable - yet looks permanent. Would add nice solid wood top to it. :-)

square foot gardening: "50 % of the Cost, 20% of the Space, 10% of the Water, 5% of the Seeds, 2% of the Work" also see

minimal rustic wreath .... evergreen branches swag. gorgeous for the upcoming holidays