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Dahlia 'Cafe au Lait'

How to Grow Arugula | The Homestead Garden: "You do not have to be a professional gardener to grow Arugula. It is very hardy, very cheap, and grows very quickly." | #prepbloggers #growyourown

I love this idea for my greenhouse! A different "framed plant each month.This is will be fun! A Framed Lobelia

hueandeyephotography: Disco Belle Hibiscus, Grammy’s Garden, near Harrison, Ohio© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Butchering Chickens - If you raise your own meat chickens then chances are you already know how to butcher them for your family. For those who have never done it, but are considering raising meat chickens, then this is a process you will need to.

Contemporary Garden Planting & Plants Used In Philip Nash Design Garden Projects - London & South East

Creepy Crawly Towers

Purple Poppies #flower #nature

Seed Spreader Planter | Trash Backwards. Retire your old seed spreader and let it smell the flowers.

Sage is a easy to grow plant that you should incorporate into you garden. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them and they a flavorful culinary herb.

Fun game to play with a small or large group during a holiday party. And they don't even need to get out of their seat.

looks like my house but I always use white petunias with green centers.... love love love...

I experimented with some white sand poured around the succulents in soil in their containers to create a coastal version, adding a piece of driftwood and some shells.

I grew these this year. Low growing, good for front of borders. Leucanthemum 'Aglaia' Shasta Daisy: Full Sun, perennial, blooms all summer if deadheaded, divide every 2-3 years. So fluffy & pretty!

Vegetable gardens to feed residents and guests! I guess this means I need to start liking more vegetables...

copper tape: find at the hardware store. It's intended to keep snails and slugs out of raised garden beds.

DIY - Concrete stepping stones that look like vint...

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