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Lady Lace by Luke Milton #burlesque

‘Beetle green’, Oxford Natural History Museum, Canon EOS 500D, © Rebecca Siebenthal

An engagement session filled with fishing, playing by the water, and some incredible photos at sunset.

Air Jordan Ⓙ_⍣∙₩ѧŁҝ!₦ǥ∙⍣

Aston Martin DBC Concept ♥

DIY I Spy little bag tutorial...or could use a coffee creamer bottle with the wrapper taken off... for those that don't sew!

supersonic jet concept | The Supersonic AvA One Private Jet Concept (8)

Michael Jordan - 50th birthday on Behance

Yet another reason to love Robert Downey Jr…

japanese indigo patchwork quilt. indigo by delores

I like that it's in a color instead of traditional black 30+ Beautiful Hand Lettering Designs | From up North

5 Paper Pom Poms lanterns vintage wedding baby by PomStyle, $25.00

watercolor, art goes off faux matting, The Fairytale of Fox and Bat by ~Dasycneme

Angelina Jolie by Michael Thompson

modern apartment Z axis design 8 Decorating Twists Shaping Up a Highly Creative Small Apartment in Taiwan

You almost never get an #orgasm : Some women feel uninterested in #sex because they never reach their climax. A big reason behind lack of orgasm can be diabetes. Diabetes can decrease the chances of satisfying orgasm in both men and women. Diabetes.

pom poms blazen

Frank Turner photography by Andy Willsher

I am obsessed with underboob tattoos & I want a design similar to this tattoo but it might also be a good tattoo to collaborate with the chakra tattoo

Suits and Sneakers at Pitti Uomo 2015

Shawl Cir-Collar Vest By Maz Kwok - Free Crochet Pattern - (ravelry) the different colors of this..which color do I love--hmmmm,,BLUE!!hahah

Genius website! Great blend of thriller, filler, spiller, using cannas as the tallest.

Ban’s community center is a large pitch-roofed space with amenities tucked into shipping containers.

Life Inside the Fish Bowl: Sy's Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

DIY Earring Project: Inexpensive, Easy and Beautiful | DIY Earrings AND look at how cool the log is holding the earrings!

This cute menu board is an easy DIY project that will help you get organized for meal planning and add a touch of fun to your home decor. A double win! It could also be used for organizing your weekly schedule or family appointments.

Best classic ever. I had to read one for school and I picked this and it doesn't even seem like a typical classic book when you're reading it because its actually exciting haha

Tiki bar. back deck