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♥♥♥ MONEY come to Me like Rivers come into Oceans !!! I'm attracting money right now !!! Money flows in me easily !!! ♥♥♥ Thank you for my abundantly abundant life!!! ♥ :)

Posted 4 months ago

♥♥♥ MONEY come to Me like Rivers...

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Me? ESTP My family: Leo Hubby = ISTJ and it was strong for all traits. Pieces Son: INFJ ; They all all have very hard time understanding me being the Extrovert!!! It is rather rough in land of Myers Briggs.

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100% agree with this quote!; I agree as well, it not only shows you care, but words not even need to be spoken when time is what you give, memories of the times spent with loved ones who are no longer with us are memories, and nothing is better then.

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This story is about a mother that I know. The trails she had through life and the stress of being a single mom of three. I know this story because...

Vision. Now IS MY perfect time! I'm ready! Well this is a sign! I'm reading this book right now!

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