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homevialaura #coffeetablebook #louis #vuitton

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homevialaura #coffeetablebook #louis #vuitton

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All ABCs ~ alphabet printables from 1+1+1=1. These are preschool printables for J, to use in conjunction with trays, lap books and once upon a book.


Downloadable zendoodles. just printed these to put with a nice pen for teacher appreciation.

Che Mestiere Fai Tu? - Teach professions in Italian with this rap-like chant and MP3 from Canti, Ritmi e Rime – Chants, Rhythms and Rhymes for the Italian Classroom (by Lonnie Dai Zovi) which is an exciting, revolutionary way of teaching and re

winter tree drawn with oil pastel--suggests Y-trees; draw large Y for the trunk, add more Ys using the branches of first Y, keep adding them, make trunk thicker at bottom tapering as it goes up.

Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d" Very Clever!

a behavior chart thats cute to use. I like the bottom where is states what the behavior was and says " I did or I was, I did not" Helps students learn they are responsible for their own behavior and choices. Also they know why they were in trouble a

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Sample Fraction Anchor Chart (Many anchor charts are featured on this site.)

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Taping off the board. Did this in my 6th grade classroom...worked like a dream!

10 Table Manners Every Middle Schooler Should Know Holidays are around the corner, so it's a good time to brush up on your family's table manners. Now that my kids are older, I want to teach them some more table manners. They need to understand tha

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States of Matter: Baking Soda in a balloon, on top of a bottle filled with vinegar makes a gas and fills up the balloon.

Engineering Activities for Kids - an awesome collection of ideas for children to try!

A list of procedures that you want to be sure and teach your students before you start your guided small groups to insure that your Small groups will be effective, differentiated, and meaningful.

Emphasis - what grabs your attention? Don't worry about what to do to that blank piece of paper just sit back and allow it to happen