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mother nature in her infinite beauty | clouds, sky and sea |

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mother nature in her infinite beauty | clouds, sky...
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The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave! -from

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Gorongoza - Mozambique

WOW - look at those eyes! I could make a beautiful quilt out of just these colors

Hubble telescope image of Gibson Nebula

Massive chunk of wild honeycomb! Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara

The frost stings sweetly with a burning kiss As intimate as love, as cold as death. ~Roy Campbell

Rare orange Tanzanite gemstone (I didn't realize Tanzanites come in other than blue, it's beautiful!)

Eocene age shell that has been replaced by translucent golden Agate. From Dakhla, Morocco

Northern Sky - Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs

Byron Beach Sunset, Australia #City_Edge_Apartment_Hotels #Cityedge

Holy cow. What I wouldn't give to see something like this someday... Northern Lights, Norway

Tumbled Moonstone - Tumbled Stones- Moonstone - Healing Crystals

Perfect prints....You don't always have to capture the living thing - capturing what it's left behind can be just as good!

Large Opal Aura Spirit Quartz Point for crown chakra opening #metaphysical #SageGoddess #OpalSpiritQuartz #Opal #Quartz

Sunset with a splash on the beach.

Central Park lamp post with changing leaves, New York City, NY