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pretty hairstyles with bows

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pretty hairstyles with bows

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Mocha Body Lotion from Humblebee and Me. 5 g emulsifying wax, 10 g cocoa butter, 10 g avocado oil, 70 g water, 3 g glycerin, 2 g honey, 5 drops coffee eo, 3 drops cocoa absolute, 1 blob benzoin eo. Will keep for up to 2 months.


There are many uses for coconut oil. It can kill a wide range of infections, and may also help your body get rid of parasites like lice and tapeworms. It can kill certain viruses, and your body can easily digest it to absorb all its nutrition. And of

Horizontal dutch braid

✨ If you want to make your eyes look bigger, don't use black eyeliner on your water line, use your shadows and highlighters to really make your eyes stand out, perfect for girls who wear glasses ✨ Tutorial is now live on my channel (sor

Used weaved lowlights all underneath (no blonde in the back at all) and then highlights (just the roots) and lowlights on the sides, crown and top. For the lowlights we used Paul Mitchell 1/2 7WB & 1/2 6G with 20 Volume. The blonde was something.

long layered haircuts with side bangs lacey...this is kinda what im getting done to my hair soon!!!!! ::))))))

stack 'em up!

make a plaid shirt look infinitely chic by ticking it into a skater skirt. you can wear this with tights in the winter; sandals in the summer

hair accessory is GORGE! Wouldnt do the braid, just leave hair down..

Paris Fashion Week streetstyle (via, photo by Luiza Ferraz)

47 Hot Long Bob Haircuts and Hair Color Ideas

15 Stunning Step-By-Step Makeup Ideas @Cyndi Price Price Price Haynes Green

MAC - Love, these gotta be old though - check out the packaging.

22 hair and makeup hacks from backstage at New York Fashion Week:

Loving this defies everything I want; I don't want round and I hate baguettes, yet I love it.

The perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity, this Stella York strapless fit-and-flare wedding gown features a beautifully asymmetrical ruched bodice and skirt. You'll love how the sweetheart neckline frames your face, while the figure-flatte

--Naomi Campbell--stunning photo--(Photo by Willy Vanderperre)