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Love this play area over the bed, like the anti-loft bed. I think I'd leave off the first couple of steps of the ladder and make it a safer place for the older kids to play with and store their LEGO creations. (Apartment Therapy with loft bed inspira

Visual Schedule: Photos from first day of school of class at different centers, activities. Order photos as, like, a Christmas card/birth announcement layout with text being the name of the activity. NOT THIS Year for me (but Later?).

Tierbilder mit Fingerabdrücken #fingerprint #child

Salt/sugar is a great tool for pre-writing. Try to stay away from flour as it flies away too easily.

Lightweight Reversing Seat Strollers 2015 | Options without the Bulk

This listing is for an appliqued turkey bodysuit with turkey feathers on the back. While the shirt is shown in the colors above, the color

Darling TOMS for Babies!! @Nordstrom Maggie needs the Clemson colored ones!!!!

Miniature Woodland Creatures Log Toy. Pocket Pals. by BabyBearWare

Very easy homemade baby toy

Gotta get these kiddos on a schedule and stick to it so I can retain some sanity before the new baby pops out!

6 ways to help children when they are frustrated. This would be great to send home with parents!

She has a lovely face up and the flowers in her hair and her hand have a lovely touch

Wearing jacket 3 in 1 for Mama + Baby TRIO fleece / / anthracite - mint points / / Babywearing coat

AMAZING Candyland Party Photos + Inspiration! My 4 year old would have LOVED this!

If you are looking for awesome before and after pregnancy photo ideas, you have to read this article. It is jam-packed full of inspirational ideas!

I'd do a mix of money and special privileges, probably more privileges to keep the focus off acquiring money. After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a work for hire job to get money.

Star Wars coloring pages

Neu Tree wall decal sticker Looking for that perfect designer look for your decor? Check out this 7 foot tall tree decal, designed exclusively for our customers! This light style wall decal adds natural depth and detail to any decor. And jus