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oh my gosh, i freaking love this<3 GIF larry stylinson, louis tomlinson, harry styles, lou, hazza, tommo, harreh, one direction, bromance, 1D

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oh my gosh, i freaking love this<3 GIF larry st...

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Christian humor. Haha.

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spirit-of-the-tardis: jackiemakescomics: a-cumberbatch-of-cookies: whymoffatwhy: If you did not sing this you are lying. I’m legit crying right now. i can’t breathe I sing this every time I listen to it now

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I think this shall be my new excuse when I'm running late...

I have sometimes even gone to the effort of mentally mapping out potential routes they could have taken

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love this show

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That is a fair point. <---- A fair Point? It was a bloody shard of glass. <<< It wasn't bloody before he got stabbed with it.

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aw man i used to love this show!!!

That's funny!

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1. This may be the most truthful text message I've ever sent my husband, but honesty is key in a successful relationship.

Aqueles que não são exemplo para ninguém costumam ser os próprios a querer dar bons conselhos... aos outros. "Olha para o que eu digo mas não olhes para o que eu faço".