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rosyblush: “rosy-floral: “ aztec-dreams: “ check me out for similars :) ” Do you want a cookie? To tired to give cookies, having a fab sleep atm, nice queue! ” ”

rosyblush: “rosy-floral: “ aztec-dream...

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Balayage, I really want to do this! It's basically where you brush the highlights where you want them instead of foiling

Short hairstyles for thick hair

bow top bun. not that I EVER wear my hair up. but this is so super cute! Maybe i'll do it on my girls hair. :)

Minion Nails @Skylar Schroff @Kayla Bresset we're doing these like now!!!

Son muchos diferentes anillos de oro. se ven bien con muchos equipos diferentes. creo que son muy interesantes.

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A very seductive looking nail art design in striking black, gray and gold details, with gold dust and a huge gray flower detail adorned with a gold bead.

Blonde Hair

It's often difficult to find a hairstyle that suits you when you have medium-length hair. It's not long so you can braid it and it's not short either. Just

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There are lots of interesting things you can tell about your health just by taking a glance at your skin. Check out our list of skin conditions and what nutritional signs they’re giving you below.

I did these nails for a little girl I see at my son's cricket training most weeks. She's fascinated by my nails - most people aren't, so I am grateful for her interest - and she asked me to do something different for this week's training, not j [...]

// rollin' w the homies \\

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WOW, Mark Wright! Michelle Keegan shows off new hair extensions and lighter brown colour

One of my favorite go-to looks... Liquid liner, lots of mascara, with a pop of red on the lips.