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Somewhat cliche but I love translating our traditional dress into everyday modern.

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Somewhat cliche but I love translating our traditi...

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rosyblush: “rosy-floral: “ aztec-dreams: “ check me out for similars :) ” Do you want a cookie? To tired to give cookies, having a fab sleep atm, nice queue! ” ”

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✨ If you want to make your eyes look bigger, don't use black eyeliner on your water line, use your shadows and highlighters to really make your eyes stand out, perfect for girls who wear glasses ✨ Tutorial is now live on my channel (sor

Used weaved lowlights all underneath (no blonde in the back at all) and then highlights (just the roots) and lowlights on the sides, crown and top. For the lowlights we used Paul Mitchell 1/2 7WB & 1/2 6G with 20 Volume. The blonde was something.

long layered haircuts with side bangs lacey...this is kinda what im getting done to my hair soon!!!!! ::))))))