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Hyerin - EXID

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Hyerin - EXID

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She is my absolute love love her...Love her her her movies!

Vintage Marlboro Cigarettes Ad ~ it's horrific that they used toddlers to sell cigarettes

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Heath Ledger, Great Aussie actor, sad loss so young!

dearfawndoe: Audrey Hepburn proudly looks at the chain of paper doll silhouettes she’s just just made ( She was on a break between shoots on the set of Paris, When It Sizzles in 1963.

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JD is a piece of art. So beautiful and interesting even when he's doing nothing.

Ralph & Russo coat dress / royal-roaster - I don't ever remember Princess Diana wearing this beautiful dress!!!

Caroline pushes her brother’s swing in the children’s playground on the south grounds of the White House.

ELVIS AS A CHILD. he looks like my grandpa and my uncles and my cousins as a child. :D my 83-year-old grandpa even has the elvis-hairstyle. :D loveee this picture