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Greater is the ONE living inside of me, than he who is living in the world.

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Greater is the ONE living inside of me, than he wh...

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I would put this under funny, but this is a so true one:) Love to sing to my iphone while on the treadmill and it drives my daughter nuts, but in a good way...she gets a good laugh out of my singing.


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November 3 is the worst day of the year.. I miss my grandma so much.. The pain isn't weaker, even after 2 years. </3

I did find that person and wouuld like to thank him for the 26 years we have shared and tell him that the a future full of posibilities and thank you for sharing this crazy life of ours.

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So THAT'S what happened. .. Thanks I'm only 21 but I've had this since I was little....

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