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These are fantastic...although the one about Dobby is hilarious, I always assumed Draco was complaining about Harry, (e.g., "Ugh, 'The Boy Who Lived' is at Hogwarts now and thinks he's so great," etc.) and Dobby was like "Yesss the Savior!" Just my t

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These are fantastic...although the one about Dobby...

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One of the best lines. My heart swelled.

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i laugh at pearl because bird mom is cool

Fairy tail....In one moment i was about to explode of happines and in the other i was so disapoited... Strange thing is that Natsu imediently wanted to kiss Lucy... Maybe a litle to much fanrling.

(Bland Marvel Headcanons) Even though I actually ship Lokane, I could go with this.

I love Prussia and Gilbird!!! :D Hungary needs to lighten up a bit!

A twitter user theorizes that the children from Ponyo grew up to be the baker couple from Kiki’s Delivery Service. … ……. ………. …………..YES.

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