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4 sweet potatoes 2 oz of low fat cream cheese 1 can of black beans 1 can of corn 1/4 cup pepper jack shredded cheese jalapeno slices crushed red chili pepper flakes and whatever other seasoning you want makes 4 servings...315 calories my n

Try Bob Harper's 20 Min Crossfit Workout. You just need a set of 5-10 lb dumb bells. #exercise

Yoga Poses To Strengthen Pelvic Floor And Prevent Incontinence - relax the pelvic floor on each inhale and contract it on each exhale #yoga

Seabuckthorn - the amazing Omega 7

25 Days of Christmas Booty Squat Challenge

DIY Peppermint Bath Salts from @crystalowens

I used to tell my clients this all the time--I needed a reminder myself!

Reach your goals in gear made for the gym. Add a bold, fun look to your workout wardrobe with the Nike Pro Hypercool Tank.

Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie -- smooth, creamy, and sure to keep you satisfied for hours! This vegan smoothie will knock out those chocolate cravings while providing you with a balanced breakfast or snack || #vegan #heal

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The 3 Best Shoulder Exercises According to Science - You've got running, yoga, and spinning down to a science, but finding the perfect shoulder-scultping routine can feel a little more daunting. Solution: Focus on these shoulder exercises that have b

Try this treadmill interval workout to burn more calories in less time

Full-body workout in ten minutes with Tony Horton of P90X. It's quick and intense!

So tired of being woken by pain. I should wake by laughter not tears. Grab the sheets in extacy not in excruciating debilitating's been a week. Last week was emotionally devistating pain......

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33 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Suffering From Shin Splints? Try This

Turkey, Hummus, and Avocado Roll Ups (No Bread) 100 calories 3 weight watchers point Great lunch or snack!

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Dynamic Pyramid Workout

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