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Bom dia mundo... Bom Domingo!

Shay's Run, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia!

Beautiful Steampunk Bracelet

bell 47 helicopter - Google Search

Saint Jean Olive Oil Painting by Mitch Frey

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Look de hombre para ir a trabajar

Straight Edge (5.12a) at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Photo by Ryan Mclaughlin

I watched the last episodes of the Magnificent of Century yesterday. It was quite sad story. The first son of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificen...

Foreboding to predators, but loyal and sweet to family. The Great Pyranees- yep- they're big!

Sunbrella Pillow 18 x 18, Beach Decor, Decorative Pillow, Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, A Mermaid Sleeps Here Custom Embroidered Pillow Cover

Crockpot Candy is the easiest and most impressive homemade candy ever. A rich chocolaty, peanutty 4 ingredient recipe that you simply toss in the slow cooker, stir a few times and scoop it out. It doesn't get much easier than that!

The 100 Best Classic Simpsons Quotes...might have to turn this into a game to play in the car!

Thick twin fin surfboards | Nose Keel twin fin 6´0" x 22" x 2 7/8"


When they finally found out the animosities are groundless. | 21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever

DC Direct Wonder Woman Series 1 Action Figure Circe

Humorous Minions quotes (02:29:22 PM, Friday 31, July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

Pretty #ombre hair color

he's sort of beautiful. rick genest is instantly mysterious as human art piece, seen but rarely, if ever, heard. why did he decide to change himself so dramatically? where does he get the confidence?

aménagement jardin construire spirale aromatique étape 2

When it comes to butt-building, we often think that by doing a few squats here or there, our butts will magically lift and tone itself. But, to build a nice and toned booty, you must first understand the anatomy of one. The buttocks are composed of t

art by Pamela Zagarenski, we love her work and you need her book "Red Sings from Treetops"...

I would add to the saying "when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and USUALLY says its name." this will give the students the decoding strategy that if the vowel name doesn't work try the short vowel sound... one or the other shoul

Instagram photo by thenailboss #nail #nails #nailart

Kacper Kasprzyk for Dazed & Confused September 2011

Create a solar system of recycled plastic lid planets | Still Playing School #preschool #space #kids

15 parent life hacks to fix (almost) everything