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Iguazu Falls, Brazil ~ Awesome place from which to view this magnificent falls with my soul mate next fall

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Had a ball with a red one. It lasted 2 weeks. I jumped it and did all the stuff on advertizing commercials. Fun but it bent the fenders, broke off the exhaust and broke the brake lines ;-)

Nice tattoos

How is this done well, but is so derpy also?

The village of Pegrema, Republic of Karelia, Russia. This beautiful example of the wooden architecture was abandoned after the Russian Revolution.

There are soso many squat variations out there! This is a good little guide for what part of the muscles your engaging with different foot placement during your squat.. Cause a girls gotta squat baby!

"Keep people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and make you happy. If you have people who do none of the above. Let them go!"

- - - - Anthony Misiano (Harley’s Joker) and D-Piddy (Deadpool) at WonderCon 2013 { x }

Classic Jurassic Park Quote

A-5A Vigilante of VAH-1 being launched c1964.jpg

Sacai Men's S/S '15 | Men's Fashion | Menswear | Men's Casual Outfit

I see Ale and June having paintings like this in their house. ... or at least, him getting one like this. Totally her, too.

Not much to say about this, but I love it. All zombie apocalyptic and Mad Max-looking, this truck camper is based on a pre-1966 Willys Jeep Truck converted to 6×6 at some point during its lifetime

Showerline Shower Caddy- brilliant for traveling. Now I don't have to line it all up in someones shower and hope I remember to grab them all when I leave.

independent patterning fun for your students.

Batgirl - Thiago Lehmann & Luiza McAllister

Belting out a song by YayLori (This is the way we should all sing! With our entire being)

Great words to use on your - get the best resume tips!

When to visit northern Thailand chart by months. This might be helpful in deciding when to visit northern Thailand. Weather, temperatures, rainfall, events, pros, cons and advice.

Worried that you are putting on weight? And are you too lazy to go to the gym? Sometimes we get ... #yoga

No Game No Life - Shiro Artist - Akamimi

Dream Pergola Plans 6

1 512x1228 how to curl your hair with a straightener step by step DIY tutorial instructions

Bird - Coroflot ecochran

I love the color of the dress & shoes.

every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. nutrition and health inspiration. and how gorgeous are those blueberries?

tiny bee necklace by bellehibou

some women are lost in the fire some women are built from it~Michelle K.