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Gender Reveal Ideas

If you sense I don't give a shit, it's because I don't.


10 things you must give up to move forward

♥ - ok, I'm not sure how she did this, but I thought maybe you could figure it out! Would look so cute in Laken's room!

Foam letters, spray paint, scrap book paper, and mis-matched!

street style summer pastels @wachabuy

even the earrings don't kill this hotness. Colin Farrell

Agh! Beautiful design! In reality will this sink ever be in my home? Probably not. Do I wish it was? YES.

a bunch of really fun ideas for toddlers

Maori Wood Carving, Auckland, New Zealand -- TRAVEL by Andrew Shaylor, via Behance

Wooden Furniture With Glass Embedded To Look Like Rivers & Lakes by Greg Klassan

60 Tattoos for Girls 27 | womens tattoos, inked girls, tattoos for women, ink inspiration

Ziegfeld girl Drucilla Strain by Alfred Cheney Johnston, ca. 1928

What animals see


Sportster Harley Davidson. Custom-Usually not a huge Harley fan, but this bike is brilliantly awesome!

Camille Claudel 'The Waltz'

Animal writing and sentence expansion

14 Juillet 2014 Feux d'artifice Paris Tour Eiffel..........Awesome photo. Reminds me of Moulin Rouge!

Printed dress from Zara. I'd say my love for Zara has surpassed my love for Baby Gap. UGH. SO CUTE. SO MUCH WANT.

Google Image Result for

How To Make Gold Leaf Art (Round Two)!

PENXO | The most minimalistic 2mm lead holder pencil by BitsFactory — Kickstarter

Gerald Collects Bilberries by Petra Brown, chocopencil, Ffestiniog, UK

25 Cool Kitchen Ideas and Gadgets That Are Borderline Genius

Aunty Acid's TOP TEN hilarious thoughts on MEN

This elderly gentleman goes above and beyond for his dog.... 30 photos to restore your faith in humanity.

Try this High-cable Side Crunch abs exercise move to work your obliques and serratus muscles for flat abs and sexy abs